Gentle Evidence-Based Care

Founded in 1967 by Drs. Arland Fuhr and Warren Lee.

The Activator Method Chiropractic Technique is one of the most comprehensive systems of chiropractic analysis and treatment.  This technique grants Dr. Freitag the ability to examine each patient's body from head to toe in order to identify areas that need to be addressed. 

The Activator Protocol uses a highly specific and effective leg length analysis procedure to determine when, where and in which direction to make an adjustment or manipulation. 

Using this subtle, effective indicator system, we can specifically identify which areas are causing issues and immediately and gently correct them using the most advanced Activator Adjusting Instrument, the Activator V Device. 

*Dr. Freitag is Advanced Proficiency Rated by Activator Methods, a rating fewer than 1% of Minnesota chiropractors achieve. 

The Activator V Adjusting Instrument

Dr. Freitag utilizes the Activator V for the majority of his chiropractic treatments because of the comfort, consistency, speed and precision of the correcting impulses.

  • The device delivers a thrust more than 10x faster, and with a force 50-300% less, than a typical manual adjustment.  

  • We find that patients experience less post-treatment soreness than with manual adjustments, and the treatments are as effective, if not more, than those delivered by hand.  

  • This device is the most advanced cordless electric adjusting instrument available and the only one approved by the FDA.