Athletes require specific care for optimal performance and recovery.

Freitag Family Chiropractic provides the Bloomington, Minnesota area with sports specific care designed to help you return to your favorite sport and prepare your body to compete at the next level.

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Athletes push their bodies far beyond normal, everyday movements.

Competition can place intense stress on muscles, tendons, ligament and bones.  If not managed effectively, these stresses can lead to tissue breakdown, causing a decline in mobility and performance and ultimately leading to injury. 

We can help you recover from and prevent these types injuries, both acute and chronic.



Our comprehensive treatments guide you from injury to recovery and from preparation to performance.

These treatments Include:

  • Sports Injury Management and Rehabiliation

  • Spinal and Extremity Chiropractic

  • Soft-Tissue Treatment

  • In-Season Physical Maintenance

  • Off-Season Preparation and Injury Prevention

  • Strength and Performance Coaching

We help you prepare to perform at the next level.

  • Our specific chiropractic technique gets to the root of your problem, corrects it, and starts you on the path to recovery. 

  • Our soft tissue treatment helps decrease tension in surrouding muscle and fascia to support tissue healing. 

  • When appropriate, we incorporate rehabilitation and strengthening exercises and guide you on the path to revovery. 

  • Finally, we build upon your strength with sports specific movement training and performance enhancement. 


Dr. Greg Freitag's Sports Related Training and Credentials

Extensive 15+ Years of Experience

  • Advanced Proficiency Rating - Activator Methods Chiropractic
  • Doctor of Chiropractic - Northwestern Health Science University
  • Master of Exercise and Sport Science in Exercise Physiology - University of Florida - College of Health and Human Performance
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology - University of Maryland, College of Health and Human Performance
  • Former Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength and Conditioing Association
  • Certified Personal Trainer and Personal Training Certification Instructor
  • Strength and Conditioning Intern - University of Maryland, Div. IA
  • Golf Fitness Training
  • Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification
  • High School and College Club Athlete: Soccer and Rugby